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What is RBO?

What is RBO?
Rice Bran Oil, which is commonly known as “HEART OIL” in Japan, is unique cooking oil produced from the brown layer of rice paddy, which is removed in the form of rice bran for producing white rice.

The paddy that comes from the fields has a hard outer covering called the husk. During the de-husking process, this husk is removed from the paddy and what remains is brown rice. The rice so obtained is brown in colour since it has an oily brown covering called the Bran. The polished rice which we generally consume is obtained after removing this bran from the rice. It is important to understand that bran and husk are not same. The bran which is left behind after the polishing process undergoes the solvent extraction process in order to obtain crude rice bran oil. This crude oil is further refined in order to obtain rice bran oil.

What is RBO